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Habiba from ENSA SAFI : A success story in the USA

"My name is Habiba, 23 years old. A 2016 Network and telecommunications engineering graduate of ENSA Safi, a small forgotten town where I spent twenty years of my life. In my 3rd year at ENSA, I had the opportunity to immigrate to the USA and start a new life, besides the idea of moving to a complete different country where I did not know a single person, with a complete different language and a complete different culture, the idea of dropping out of my school was not of those I could tolerate because I had the strong believe that he who does not prove himself in his home land first, won’t have the courage to do it in the land of others. While everyone thought that I was messing up my future, I decided that I can manage them both, go to school in Morocco and be in the US. Crazy isn’t it?
I love multitasking! One task was never enough for me!
In my 5 years at ENSA: I got my second baccalaureate degree in 2012, I took economy classes at the Polydisciplnary University of Safi, I lived in the USA in between, I learned Spanish and German, I was a member of Great debaters in Morocco and a speaker at Toastmasters International in the USA, I was involved in charity work, different nonprofit organizations, I thought Arabic and French, I worked as a waitress, a hostess, a travel agent, a model, an IT developer, I shared knowledge through my YouTube channel , trained people on different technologies and shoot my first short film on Autism in Morocco, Why was I able to do it all? Because People around me said I can’t! If you want, you can!
My 5 years at ENSA Safi built my strength and courage to dive in different ventures with a great conviction that I have the solution. I know our Education is systematically unorganized, but tell me about one ENSA Student who doesn’t have the guts to solve the most difficult problems existing out there?
Now I moved to the USA for good and currently working as an IT business systems Analyst with one of the biggest healthcare companies in the USA. Started my own IT staffing company that created many job opportunities to a lot of people , got involved in multi billions businesses and launched a sponsorship program for women education in Morocco, North Africa and Middle East.
People talk bad… very bad. I have received a lot of negative energy and insults from people back home, those who think that every single woman who leaves her country and family to be independent, successful and bring some value to this world is not a good girl “a prostitute” if we may say. That is not the case!
People out there see me as a strong woman, a woman of hustle, a man and a half. Yet, I can’t deny how many nights I spent up wondering: what did I do to deserve to be away from my mum, my family, my friends and my memories? Then all the following come to my mind: refuges, homeless people, hungry kids, victims of war, abandoned children and can’t be more than thankful.
When people ask me how I feel about Trump being elected as a president? I reply: It is a great opportunity to prove myself as a Woman, a Moroccan, a Muslim and an Immigrant. 
I want to prove that a woman is not only beauty; it is in fact, beauty and brain. Still, I don’t feel like I have achieved what I want yet. But, if there are any lessons I have learned and would love for young people to take in consideration, they will be:
*We were all given 24 hours a day; it is all about how you use your time
*Ask and you shall receive 
*You are who you are with, hangout with people who force you to level up
*Fake it till you make it 
*We cannot become what we want by remaining who we are 
*She wanted a hero, she decided to become one.

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